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Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

Being away from home used to cause tremendous anxiety. Having a variety of species (dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic birds), and some with special needs (diet, medications, anxieties due to histories/rescue situations, etc.), it was difficult for me to enjoy travel due to worry. Craig’s the only professional pet sitter I’ve used, or will use, since moving to Tallahassee in 2002. He’s dependable, fair in price, and my animals have always taken to him. I’d recommend Craig to anyone with multiple species or special needs pets. He has a genuine rapport with animals, on top of being an all-around incredible human being. Wendy Young
Our family has known Craig Jackson, owner of Pet Sitting by Craig Jackson for nearly 20 years. We highly recommend Craig's services for anyone seeking quality care for their pets, and especially for those with multiple pets and/or species. Our family is involved in pet rescue and at any given time we have been known to have up to a dozen dogs, birds, small animals, etc. at our home- many with special needs. Craig is the only person we trust to properly care for our house full of critters as it takes a special person to be able to handle so many and all of their needs at one time. When we arrive home from traveling, all our furry children are healthy, happy, and clean, and the mail and newspaper have been collected. Craig is always willing to accommodate us with any special requests and tries any new tips we offer for our special needs animals. Even our very stubborn pot bellied pig has accepted Craig as a caregiver! The Wenhold Family
When I moved to Tallahassee in 1998 one of the first calls I made was to Pet Sitting by Craig Jackson. I needed pet sitting for my irascible old cat Spot, arguably one of the meanest cats in town. It was one of the best calls I ever made. Spot didn’t like sharing her space with other females, and it was quickly clear that Craig spent time with my kitty while I was on the road. Craig kept a caring eye on Spot while I was out of town (pretty frequent for many years) and was there as my animal family grew – saying “hello” to Goozle (a big, fluffy, friendly black cat), Rigel (a tremendously sweet Weimaraner), Embley (a funny little mix of Chow, shepherd and probably something else), and most recently Kitty Cash (a gray cat named for the stripes on his shoulder), Arthur (a little, tiny black cat with an old soul), and Martin (a mischievous orange kitty). Craig stood by me when it came time to say “goodbye” to Spot, Rigel, and Goozle. Over the years Craig has become a tremendous friend and I can’t imagine having anyone else caring for my pets. Ryan Wheeler
Craig is without a doubt the best, most reliable pet sitter in Tallahassee. I’ve been having Craig come to my house for over four years – ever since my number of dachshunds reached four (and kept growing). Craig was originally recommended to me by several friends who have been active in the humane society, therapy animals, and animal rescue. I have never had any qualms about how my dogs were doing while I was out of town, because I know that Craig has both the experience, from working with vets here in town, and the judgment to handle any emergency. He has also been wonderfully flexible about my constantly changing foster dogs. I’ve talked to a few other pet sitters around town, but I’ve never found one like Craig with that ideal combination of love for the dogs, knowledge about what to do, dependability, and the initiative to go beyond the necessary minimum in making sure that I come home to happy dogs and home. Bobbie Jo Finer
Over the years we have entrusted the care of our Shih-Tzu “babies” to Craig – no simple task with all of the dietary changes, medicines, and special requests that their care has required. He handles everything with ease. He is dependable, trustworthy and truly loves animals, all traits you look for in a pet sitter! I can always get a needed “break,” knowing that they are in capable hands while I’m gone. Kathy Burke
We’ve been using Craig’s pet-siting services for about 14 years now. Nothing but dependable, reliable, responsible service. The room where my dog stay is cleaner when I get home than it was before I left. My dogs are clean, happy, and well-fed. Craig is also great with elderly animals and special needs pets. Amanda Starr