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for over 30 years!

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Craig Jackson, Tallahassee pet sitting

In the 30 years Craig has been pet sitting, he has built a long list of clients who have entrusted him to take care of their beloved animals while away. A former vet tech and pet shop manager, Craig can offer nutritional, behavioral, and wellness counseling and advice.



Caring for all types of pooches, from the large to the small and everything in between, services include the normal feeding and walking but Craig can also administer medications and bathe your pups if needed!


Cats rule the house. Craig’s services include feeding, watering, play, light grooming, and litter box cleaning.

Small Animals

Fish, hamsters, turtles, birds, you-name-it, Craig has taken care of it. No pet is too small to be cared for.

Farm Animals

From the front yard to the barnyard, Craig has cared for cows, goats, horses, and more! Whatever your sitting needs for farm animals may be, he is here to help.

Household Duties

mail/newspaper/package retrieval, trash/recycle put out/retrieval, plant maintenance (skimmer/filter basket empty, add water/chemicals), and more

Additional Services

pet waste removal (extra fee), wildlife feeding/watering, other services as required (e.g. deter, trap, contact Animal Control)


I have used Craig as my pet sitter for more than 20 years and we could not ask for a better cat sitter. I used to travel regularly and my cats knew that even when Mom was away, they would still get great care and lots of affection. I totally trust Craig and am so very grateful for the care he provides. We all love Craig and give him 2 thumbs and 12 paws up!!!


Craig Jackson is a treasure and a pet’s best friend. He’s been our cat sitter for ages and it’s like he’s part of the family. Neo, our current cat, certainly thinks so. Just the best.

Jeff VanderMeer

We have been satisfied customers of Craig for going on 20 plus years. Craig is super dependable and we think the dogs really look forward to seeing him. Your precious companions could not be in better, caring hands!

John Tomasino & Kathy Butler