Services & Prices

Routine Services include (but not limited to):
[tasks with (*) may include extra charge, depending on time/labor involved]


  • feeding, watering, bowl washing/drying
  • walking
  • play
  • light grooming (brushing/combing, paw wiping, eye/ear cleaning)
  • *bathing/nail trim
  • medications (prescribed pills, liquids; supplements/vitamins; insulin injections)
  • *subcutaneous/IV fluids
  • wound cleaning/treatment
  • “accident” clean up (*excessive and/or repetitive cleanup may cost extra)
  • monitor toys, replace /rotate as necessary


  • feeding, watering, bowl washing/drying
  • play
  • light grooming
  • litter box cleaning, changing, floor/catch mat cleanup
  • medications
  • wound cleaning/treatment
  • “accident” clean up
  • monitor toys, replace /rotate as necessary

Small Animals  


    • feeding, watering, bowl washing/drying
    • medications
    • monitor toys, replace /rotate as necessary
    • cage cleaning, paper/litter changing
    • out of cage interaction (upon request, when possible based on behavior)


    • feeding, watering, bowl washing/drying
    • litter box cleaning
    • medications
    • interaction/play as possible


    • feeding, watering, bowl washing/drying
    • lighting/heating maintenance
    • interaction (upon request, where possible)


    • feeding, watering, bowl wasing/drying
    • litter box cleaning
    • medications
    • interaction/play as possible


    • feeding
    • water change
    • medications/chemical treatments

Household Duties  

  • mail/newspaper/package retrieval
  • trash/recycle put out/retrieval
  • create “lived in” look (light on/off, blinds up/down, auto moving/placement)
  • alarm on/off, monitor and contact owner/alarm company/police as necessary
  • daily updates (text, email, phone call) upon request
  • plant maintenance (skimmer/filter basket empty, add water/chemicals)
  • *vet drop off, pickup, appointment sitting
  • appointment meeting/keeping with other in home service pros (phone, handyman, cable, etc.)
  • pet care “sharing” with friends, neighbors (*most sitters don’t allow this!)
  • monitor household utilities, plumbing, interior/exterior of house and yard, alert owner of problems and/or concerns, repair as possible/necessary
  • *shopping (pet food, other household items as necessary)
  • *post office
  • any other requests — JUST ASK!

Farm Animals  

  • chow and/or grain feeding, watering
  • hay hanging/distribution
  • light grooming
  • medications
  • *stall/paddock cleanup
  • moving/relocating (pasture-to-pasture)

Additional Services  

  • *pet waste removal
  • wildlife feeding, watering
  • other services as required (e.g. deter, trap, contact Animal Control)


Rates start at $24 per sitting in most cases, extra fees will be charged for extreme travel distance, major spikes in gas prices, or if extra time care-wise or cleaning is needed. Contact Craig today to schedule your sitting!

NO Addtional Fees Charged for:

  • multiple pets
  • dog walking
  • litter box scooping
  • medication dosing
  • last minute requests
  • cancellations
  • extra days needed or early returns
  • holidays or weekend care
  • household tasks (mail/package retrieval, trash pickup, plant maintenance)

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